Writer's Coach Workshops

  • May 06, 2013
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Northshore Baptist Church


  • Guest membership fee is $5.00 which is applicable toward membership if the guest joins at the meeting.

Writer's Coach Workshops

Are you Ready for the Renewal Conference? You will be after tonight!

Fiction Proposals Done Right: Lynnette Bonner  A proposal is a concise document an author uses to entice a publisher into taking a second look at their manuscript. While, most major publishers have specific proposal guidelines, this talk will give a general overview of content most publishers expect to see in a proposal and how to present it in a professional, attention-grabbing fashion.


Non- Fiction Proposal Preparation: Judy Bodmer You have a great idea for a nonfiction book. You've even written a few chapters, or maybe the entire book. Now te editor wants a book proposal. What in the world is that? learn what makes up a book proposal, how you can make yours stand out, and why it's vital to your publishing dreams.

Tips to Prepare for a Writer's Conference: Lydia E. Harris Conferences are essential for writers. Come receive guidance to select workshops, make editor appointments, and prepare manuscripts. You'll also gain tips to evaluate your strengths, the editors' needs, and how to match the two. Bring your questions, and leave equipped to get the most out of any writer's conference, now or in the future.

Blogging with Purpose: Kim Martinez Your blog is your business card! With a bit of purposeful engagement, you can turn an average blog into a go-to stop for people in your field. In this class you will learn: 1)Three strategies to get more traffic for your blog 2)Four strategies for helping search engines bring you natural traffic 3)What is a posting calendar, and why do I need one? 4)The most important page of your blog 5) Three ways to make money off your blog.

Book Trailers 101: Michael Duncan In today's saturated market of self and traditionally published books, it may seem impossible to generate interest in your work. Most publishers today depend on the author to market and promote their materials. From the owner of Literary Video Creations, learn how to create your own high-quality video trailer for your book without breaking the bank.



Devotional: John Human, "Our words, God-ward"

Christian Writer's Coach:  Janalyn Voight, "How to Craft a Tag Line for your Book."

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