Critique Groups

NCWA members can join a critique group. One of the best ways to grow and improve your writing is through positive constructive critique from peers. The benefits of reviewing and being reviewed by others is invaluable and totally worth the time commitment involved.

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Editors Connection

Are you a writer looking for someone to help you make sure that fuzzy logic, grammatical errors, factual inaccuracies, and those pesky commas and apostrophes don’t get in the way of effectively communicating your message? We can help. Check out our Editors Connection resource.

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Meeting Recordings & Membership Directory

Zoom recordings of the monthly meetings are available to our members.

Our members also have access to a directory of our members, to keep in touch and encourage one another.

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After a short hiatus, we are restarting the NCWA Newsletter. It will include the following:

Current News, Devotionals, Children’s Books, Recent Book releases, Author Interviews, and The Editor Connection. We are always looking for author contributions to all six of our Newsletter categories. The Newsletter will be published on a quarterly basis and sent to our contacts via email.


  • Submit between 300-700 words.
  • Must relate to NCWA members, NCWA mission, events, meetings, the writing journey, or writing tools.
  • Quotes, data images, or third-party content must be properly attributed.
  • No self-promotional or plagiarized content.
  • Provide a professional photograph, a bio fewer than 50 words, and a link to personal website, blog, or Facebook author page.
  • If possible, include a captioned image for social media promotion.
  • Understand that NCWA reserves the right to edit for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and when necessary, length. Also understand that NCWA does not pay guest writers a fee or honorarium.
The Christian Writer's Coach

To help you benefit from the investment you make in attending writers conferences—including our own Northwest Christian Writers Renewal—we have developed an excellent resource for you: The Christian Writer’s Coach: How to Get the Most Out of a Writers Conference. When you follow this link to Amazon and purchase the book, a small commission helps support our nonprofit organization.

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Social Media

NCWA has a Facebook page and a members-only Facebook group. It is a good place to build community and ask questions. While celebration is welcome, self-promotion or advertising isn’t allowed. Joining the group requires approval by the administrator. Recordings of our monthly meetings are posted there. Check it out! We are also active on Instagram @nwcwriters and Twitter @nwcwriters. We encourage you to tag us @nwcwriters on social and let us know what you’re writing.

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