Our Mission

The Northwest Christian Writers Association exists to empower, equip, and connect writers to honor God through writing.

In fulfilling this mission, we

  • Develop our writing skills. Fiction, nonfiction, magazine articles, devotionals, websites ... whatever we write, we want to do it with excellence.
  • Teach others. We offer critique, encouragement, networking, and training for writers of all experience levels.
  • Encourage each other to love God more deeply and know Him more fully. We strive to please Him with our prose, but our measure of success in the end is if have glorified God. We believe the story of life is not about us, but about Him.

Statement of Faith

Board Members

The following people serve on our Board of Directors. Our board members are volunteers. They are the ones who bring the meetings, special events, and the conference together. Our terms are for three years. Each year some move on for varying reasons. We hope some of you may want to step up and serve in some way. It is quite rewarding, and each new board member brings unique gifts and perspective to our organization.

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Dena Netherton
President - Dena Netherton

Dena Netherton is the president of Northwest Christian Writers Association. She is the author of seven novels and numerous articles and short stories. She began her professional life as a classically trained singer/musician performance artist who transformed into a teacher, a musical theater director, and a Director of Children’s Ministries. Her faith-filled and artistic background easily led to a life of creating compelling and suspenseful stories for Christian readers. Find more about her books, her faith, and her scripture songs on her website: https://denanetherton.me and Amazon and Goodreads.


Vice President - Sonja Anderson

Sonja Anderson is a wife, mom of two grown daughters, and an elementary school library assistant. Bringing glory to God and hope to her students through writing fills her with joy. She taught at an all-boy’s school in Tokyo and has also lived in Chicago, Boston, Connecticut, and Ohio. Sonja is grateful every day that God led her to Seattle to stay.


Liz Holtzman
Secretary - Liz Holtzman

Liz Holtzman is an educator, intercessor, and author. Her passion is to see people become all God intends, rooted and established in Christ. She leads several weekly prayer meetings, has served as a mentor to a sixth-grade prayer committee, classroom assistant, and substitute teacher at a classical Christian school. Liz and her husband have two adult children.


Durrone Schuler
Treasurer - Durrone Schuler

Durrone and his wife of fifty-three years, Trena, have four daughters and live with their youngest in Arlington. He is a retired Pastor, retired Aircraft Electrician, retired Office Machine Tech, and retired business owner looking for one more thing to retire from. He loves writing creative historical fiction and memoirs but has recently completed a crime novel with his friend, Pastor David Marshall, a retired undercover officer.


Coordinators and Directors

Nancy Aguilar
Author Support Coordinator - Nancy Aguilar

Nancy’s writing has appeared in devotionals, magazines, newspapers, and anthologies. Since completing a B.A. in English and earning an editing certificate, she has worked as both an in-house and freelance editor. She’s married, has two grown sons, and she leads a lively critique group, who love going on getaways together.


Marianne Petersen
Author Support Coordinator - Marianne Petersen

Marianne felt like she had “died and gone to heaven” after finding NCWA in 2016. She’s helped NCWA through the years, while gaining support to get her award-winning book published, God and My Pillow. She actively shares her story via her blog/website, https://mariannesmemoirs.com. Marianne’s thankful to be part of the board and hopes to do more for NCWA by using her talent of video design.


Pat Schantz
Critique Coordinator - Pat Schantz

Pat Schantz is a life-long lover of stories. He’s toted books all his life, in his carrier-bag as a paper boy and in the cargo pockets of his army uniform. Since retiring, Pat lives with his wife in Bonney Lake and enjoys writing adventure novels set in the near future. He loves critique groups and is currently serving as the Critique Group Coordinator for NCWA.


Jan Anderson
Devotional Coordinator - Jan Anderson

Jan has spent most of her adult life in education and loves the give and take of the classroom. Being a Latin teacher immerses her in a world of words, history, and culture—a world where she feels most at home. Recognizing that the Triune God is sovereign in time and space, and that Christ is the Living Word adds depth to her chosen profession. Music is her other great passion, and so her writing tends toward the poetic and devotional with a children’s book of humor added as the occasional cherry on top!


Dori Harrell
Editors Connection Coordinator - Dori Harrell

Dori is a USA Today best-selling author, an award-winning writer and editor, and an author coach and speaker. When not eating licorice and fantasizing about living in Hawaii, Dori edits books and writes full time. She owns Breakout Editing and edits for mainstream publishers—including Kregel Publications—as well as indie authors, and she serves as managing editor of Redemption Press. She’s on a mission to prove that commas do make a difference.


Hospitality Coordinator - Kathy Stuesser

Kathy Stuesser (rhymes with Guess-er) is married with three adult children, two grandchildren, and a spoiled Chihuahua. When not writing, Kathy enjoys hiking to new vistas or fishing in the Sound. As a freelance writer, Kathy ghostwrote two innovative healthcare books, competitive marketing content, and informative technical documents. She’s currently writing a romance novel and grateful for the support of NCWA. As Hospitality Coordinator, she looks forward to meeting you at a future meeting!


Vivienne Aulaire
Membership Coordinator - Vivienne Aulaire

Vivienne Aulaire is a speculative fiction writer working on a series set in a Christian Fantasy world, filled with fun, unique characters. Vivienne has been a member of NCWA since 2017, and on the board since 2019. When she's not writing, Vivienne spends her time watching her adorable 2 year old nephew, running her church nursery, drinking tea, practicing archery, painting, and spending time with friends and family.


Kathleen Freeman
Program Coordinator - Kathleen Freeman

Kathleen Freeman loves the beauty found in the seemingly simple aspects of life, and the hope that passes understanding we find when times are rough. Her writing, whether “Maddie Science” articles for Clubhouse Magazine, Christmas novellas, or Historical and Contemporary Fiction reflect both. She’s a connections person, and has enjoyed time on the NCWA Board as Critique Group Coordinator, and for the past years as Program Coordinator, where she invites speakers to teach and inspire. To the Glory of God!


Rose Angrove
Social Media Coordinator - Rose Angove

As the social media coordinator, it is Rose's goal to keep you informed of NCWA events, to help you stay inspired on your writing journey and to cultivate community. When she is not posting for NCWA, she's writing in the health and wellness space and working on a devotional. She looks forward to connecting with some of you non-fiction writers out there!


Eric Gollings
Technology Coordinator - Eric Gollings

Eric Gollings loves a good story. He heard stories from his American parents and Mexican neighbors in Tijuana. When he and Tina started dating in 2002 she made him read “Ender’s Game” and he made her read “The Lord of the Rings.” With a start like that they’ve stuck together through years in Asia and Federal Way and raising Ivy and Silas. Eric loves telling transformational stories to donors at World Vision M-F 8-5.


Writers Coach Coordinator - Jana Kaye

Jana earned a BA and MFA in writing and has worked as a technical and creative writer, university instructor, and writing center coordinator where she recruited and trained tutors. For Jana, joy and fulfillment imbue each aspect of writing, including sharing her knowledge and experience and encouraging others to share theirs.


Writers Coach Coordinator - Jennifer Shaw

Jennifer Shaw first realized her passion for the arts in elementary school. Writing and music became Jennifer's focus throughout high school and into adulthood. Both have brought opportunities to serve the Lord while bringing an immense amount of joy. Jennifer also enjoys working with others to create moments for fellowship and food. Gathering together is good for the soul!

Jennifer has been married to her husband, Scott, for 26 years. Together they share 6 children, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Jennifer holds a Bachelors of Arts in Children, Youth, and Family Studies and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership. Jennifer currently serves as a clinician for Volunteers of America. 


Charles & Perry Harris
Renewal Conference Directors - Charles & Perry Harris


Janet Sergeson
Renewal Conference Director - Janet Sergeson

Janet Sergeson has been a member of NCWA for approximately two years. Her interest in writing began in childhood and was published in poetry, creative writing and essay writing. Janet has a passion for writing and helping other writers reach their God given potential. In her spare time she enjoys photography, horses and spending time with her family and friends.



If you have a specific question that you'd like to address, email our board members.

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