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Our annual Renewal Conference in April is a great place to experience a renewal and refreshment of your interest and passion to write. Something special happens when we gather together to share fellowship and experience good teaching. Whether we attend in-person or online, we grow in our craft through listening to gifted featured speakers. We make connections with like-minded people who share our passion. God has given us stories to tell and insights to share. The Renewal Conference helps us empower and encourage one another on our writing journeys.

A Time to Write - Your Words, God's Purposes

Get ready to unleash your writing journey and conquer new horizons at our Renewal Conference, April 26-27, 2024. Through intensive tracks, keynote sessions, workshops, and meetings with editors and agents, you'll be equipped and inspired to write.

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Editorial Representative Meetings

Brush up your elevator pitch about your current work. You may request a free appointment with one of the editor/agents attending the conference. They may ask to see your work for consideration to publish. Or you may gain some good advice to encourage you in a redirection.


There will be workshops addressing a wide range of topics on all phases of the writing and publishing process. The workshops are designed to fan into flame the gifts God has given you to write. Whether the information shared is brand new or a refresher encouraging your intentions to move forward, you are sure to find much of value.

Professional Critique Editors

For a small additional fee, you can submit up to 10 pages to be edited by a professional editor. They will provide a thorough critique and a fifteen-minute meeting in-person. This opportunity may be just what you need to take your writing to next level. 

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