Details of Jennifer Dornbush's Seminars

  • March 03, 2018
  • 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
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  • Jennifer Dornbush, forensics and screenwriting expert teaches a seminar on screenwriting. The first half of the class will be tips and tricks of screenwriting. The second half will cover the business side of screenwriting. Date, March 3, time 1-5:30. Location details to follow registration,
  • Screenwriting and forensics expert, Jennifer Dornbush, will teach screenwriting for the first half of the seminar, and the business end of the screenplay world for the second half.

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Seminar Descriptions:

1. Screenwriting 101 for Novelists  –  How To Pitch & Sell to Hollywood

Saturday March 3 from 1-5:30 with a half hour break in between the halves

Ever dreamed of seeing your idea, story, or novel on the screen? With so many platforms for screen story telling, there’s never been a better time to make the transition to screenwriting. This seminar covers screenwriting basics – structure, formatting, pitching, and selling. Taught by Hollywood-based film and TV scribe, Jennifer Dornbush, who has penned feature films, developed several television series, adapted scripts to novel (and vice versa), and created a kid’s TV show.

Who should attend?

  • Emerging and experienced authors wanting to see their work on the screen.
  • Any level authors wanting to expand their skills to screenwriting.
  • Savvy authors wanting to understand how to break into “the biz”.
  • Curious authors who want to know if they have what it takes to be a screenwriter. 

 What you’ll learn?

Structure 101 – how to structure your stories in film and TV format

Formatting 101 – everything you need to know to make your scripts look professional

Pitching & Selling 101 – the difference between pitching and selling to Hollywood

Q&A about the Biz – ample time to get your questions answered

"Is the class Jennifer Dornbush? I took a class from her at ACFW a few years ago and LOVED it. She's fantastic! it was forensics though and not screenwriting. I'm totally excited about this now." Traci Hilton

"She knows her subject backwards and forwards from living the Longmire life to writing for top TV shows."

2. Seminar (talk) for NCWA Meeting -- Monday March 5

Mini Forensic Science Boot Camp for Writers

Crime/mystery/thriller writers who want to incorporate authentic forensic elements can find it daunting to know where to start. If you struggle to sound authentic when writing forensics into your story, this class if for you.

Jennifer will take you through a mini-forensic science boot camp, much like the one she went through that birthed her book, Forensic Speak. You’ll gain a thorough overview of the forensic field and discover the best resources out there. Jennifer will introduce you to forensic shortcuts that will reduce your research hours so you gain more writing time! Most importantly, you will acquire ways to authenticate your work while keeping the entertainment value front and center of your project.

You’ll leave the seminar leaps and bounds ahead in your forensic knowledge. And you’ll be equipped to take your next story from generic to exceptional!

What you’ll learn:

•    How to break down the eight major disciplines in forensic science field.

•    Who does what --  Forensic Jobs and descriptions.

•    How to speak forensics fluently.

•    How to authenticate forensic science in your writing.

•    Forensic short cuts to reduce your research time.

•    When you have to fudge forensics for greater entertainment value.

•    How to write forensic science like an expert.

•    Introductions to valuable forensic science resources most people don’t know about.

•    How to use Forensic elements that make your story unique and memorable. 

Who should attend?

•    Writers who feel overwhelmed with forensic research.

•    Writers who want to be more authentic in their voice and story telling.

•    Writers working on their first or fiftieth crime story.

•    Writers who want to jump start a new crime story.

•    Writers who want to test out the genre.

•    Writers who are having trouble making their manuscript stand out.

•    Writers who want to gain a competitive edge.

•    Writers who want to elevate their crime writing.

Also, those curious about Forensics.

Page critiques:

I would be definitely willing to offer an opportunity for up to 10 Three to-five page critiques at $100/per critique. Due by Monday, March 19th to my email:

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