2018 Northwest Christian Writers Renewal

June 12, 2018  -  Westminster Chapel, Bellevue, Washington

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And Exactly How Do I Sell My Book? by Blythe Daniels – Email subscriber lists, podcasting, launch teams and what else? These are the current and proven tactics that sell books, whether you are traditionally or independently published. This workshop will explore what these items are and how to implement them in your marketing plans. 

What Makes Your Book Eye-Catching to Publishers by Blythe Daniels – Stellar writing, a unique and compelling idea, and your reach to the intended audience. These are the things that make your book attractive to publishers. They want you to write toward a theme that no one else is saying. How do you do this? Blythe will give examples and share how to take a topic and create an angle that will differentiate your book. Also covered will be how to write to your audience so that you are saying something that only you can offer. 

Common Mistakes Writers Make and How to Correct Them by Nick Harrison – In addition to having been an editor at Harvest House Publishers, Nick is also a writer. He understands the frustrations every writer faces.  To the beginner, he can offer to show his pile of rejection slips.  To the advanced, he can offer to show his pile of rejection slips. Becoming a published writer takes time, talent, and persistence. The mistakes Nick will talk about are indeed common—and he says he has made them all.

What to Do When You Don’t Have a Platform (for Fiction & Nonfiction Authors) by Nick Harrison – Writers hate the word platform, but increasingly it can make the difference between a book sale to a publisher...or rejection. While slowly building your platform, there are some things you can do to compensate for not having a platform. We’ll look at some of those ideas.

The Complete Book Process: From Idea to Print by Steve Laube – What is the route a book takes while in-house?  How the writer can help or hinder.

Landmines in Your Book Contract by Steve Laube – A look at some of the more egregious things that can be found in your book contract.

Writing the Nonfiction Book by Steve Laube – Basic elements of the great nonfiction book

First Lines and Great Beginnings by Diana Flegal This is a fun and interactive class where first line and opening page examples will be shared in a safe and friendly environment. Fellow conferees will be asked to honestly express if they would read on. Suggestions will be offered to improve the chances a reader would read on.

The Agent Author Relationship by Diana Flegal – Do I need an agent? If so, when do I need one? What does an agent do? And…what should I do that an agent won’t? Understanding the relationship between the author and agent is paramount to a successful career. In this class, you will learn what to expect and what is expected of you as an author. A Q&A time will end the workshop and a writer’s resource list will be offered.

Current Picture-Book Trends by Adria Goetz – A workshop that highlights and examines current trends in the general trade picture book market, and where those trends might be heading. Hear straight from an agent’s perspective what is selling, what isn’t, some dos and don’ts, which trends are over-saturated, and how to tap into trends in your own unique way. This presentation includes many quotes from editors and other industry professionals, and shows real deals that have taken place in the last six months.  

Building Your Social-Media Platform by Adria Goetz – This presentation outlines the basics of how to build an engaged social media following that will catch the eye of agents and editors. It also offers time-and-sanity saving tips that will help you maintain a sustainable and successful social media presence. Workshop attendees will come away with a tangible to-do list.

Millennials Becoming Parents: The Future of Christian Picture Books by Adria Goetz – As Christian Millennials begin their families and become parents, their priorities will shape the fiction they want to buy for their children, which will in turn shape the landscape of Christian picture books. Workshop attendees will time travel to the near future and discuss the trends of Christian picture books. This workshop is a cheat sheet to help writers write the books that agents want to represent, editors want to acquire, and most importantly: the books children want to read. This presentation includes many quotes from editors and other industry professionals, and shows real deals that have taken place in the last six months.

The Story Equation – Part 1 by Rachel Hauck – Are you overwhelmed after learning so many new techniques and ideas?  Are you struggling to know how to implement them into your novel and your publishing strategy?  How do you take everything you’ve learned and create a brilliant novel? New York Times and award-winning author Rachel Hauck uses the Story Equation method to give you a tool belt of how-to tools, perfect if you're a plotter, pantser or somewhere in between. You’ll learn how to build and weave your external plot with the characters' internal journey to create an exciting, well-paced story.  For beginning to advanced writers.

The Story Equation – Part Two by Rachel Hauck See the description for Part 1 above.

Scene Tension Equation by Rachel Hauck – Tension is what keeps the readers turning the page. Whether writing suspense or romance, the scenes tension equation will help you make sure every scene is focused and on point.

The Power of Story by Dennis Brooke – Since ancient times, storytellers have used their skills to influence communities and even change the course of history. Dennis Brooke will explore examples from the American Civil War, the Bible, and the Camino de Santiago. He’ll also share three powerful storytelling techniques that you can use in writing, speaking, or personal relationships. For beginning to advanced writers.

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