2017 Northwest Christian Writers Renewal

May 56, 2017  -  Westminster Chapel, Bellevue, Washington

10 Steps to Better Time- and Stress-Management for Authors by Ben Wolf – How do you juggle a marriage, kids, a day job, volunteering at church, working with your critique group, and still have time to pursue a writing career? How do you manage the stress of so many things demanding your time and attention? Did you know it's possible to use that stress to your advantage, rather than having it weigh you down? Take this class and learn practical steps to time and stress management that will enhance your writing productivity. (all levels)
A Cloud of Creative Witnesses by Terry Glaspey
In this multi-media presentation (visual, music clips, film clips), we’ll explore various ways that Christians down through the ages have used the arts to inspire, challenge, and nourish our lives by looking at the variety of approaches they have taken. Be inspired by the likes of Bach, C.S. Lewis, U2, Handel, Rembrandt, Dorothy Sayers, and other great writers, painters, and musicians. Feed your own creativity, find a new challenge, and celebrate the wonder of our Christian tradition in the arts. (All levels)
A Writing Workshop by Amy Letinsky – At last! The chance to write at a writers conference! With fresh inspiration received from the conference’s keynote addresses and other workshop leaders, come prepared to flourish your pen or fire up your laptop and take part in guided writing exercises led by a college writing instructor. (All levels)
Acting Out: Fighting Basics for Authors by Ben Wolf –
Back by popular demand this year! Are you a fiction author, a screenwriter, or involved in a creative capacity in visual media? As an ongoing student of martial arts and a former stage combat instructor, Ben will teach you specific fighting techniques that you can immediately apply to writing more accurate, believable fight scenes. As a bonus for folks tired of sitting all day, this interactive class will get you out of your seat and into some fun-but-safe action. (Intermediate level)

Authors and Children’s Book Illustration: How the Publisher, Illustrator, and Author Work Together (or Not) to Create a Great Book by Sonja Anderson – Learn common misunderstandings many writers have about the way children’s books are illustrated. This includes both picture books and the cover art for novels. Gain an understanding about the quality of the art that should be submitted with your story
— or if it should even be submitted — and learn what to expect when working with a publisher. (Emerging-writer level)
Creating Characters That Grab Your Reader by Jennifer Slattery – Some characters entertain us; others grab hold of us and don’t let go. A well-crafted character grabs the reader at their deepest heart level, causing them to see themselves in the character’s struggles and victories. In this discussion on abstract and concrete goals, inner lies, black moments, and character arcs, writers will learn how to take their readers from merely enjoying their stories to living them.
Handouts in class, or download your copy here. (Emerging-writer and intermediate levels)
Developing and Expanding Your Reach: Ways to Build Your Author Platform by Jennifer Slattery – This class touches on numerous ways authors can begin to build their platform from article writing, to guest blogging, speaking, and more. It discusses how a writer can go from having zero publishing credits to getting asked to write for publication. It also addresses the importance of presenting one’s best work, developing a strong critique partnership team, tweaking old articles and posts to make them fresh, and using self-publishing and compilations to gain readerships.
Handouts in class, or download your copy here. (All levels)
Finding Your Writer’s Voice by Alice Crider
Most writers are so focused on their message or on writing good sentences that it takes a long time to settle into their unique voice. In this workshop, we’ll explore what voice means and do some exercises to help you discover your own unique expression that will help you stand out as an author—and may also help build your platform! Bring paper and pen and/or your laptop.
(Emerging-writer & intermediate levels)

How to Read Well to Write Well: Train Your Brain for Great Writing
by Amy Letinsky –Are Christian writers equipped to pull meaning from a text, or are we becoming lazy-brained? Can we keep up with the intellectual depth that C.S. Lewis championed? Learning to read critically is vital for analyzing writing models, not only for our own understanding, but also to enable us to give our critique partners better feedback. In this class, you’ll learn to recognize classic logic fallacies so you can shine the light of God’s truth on them. Included: hands-on evaluation of different texts and web sources. (All levels)

Painless Social Media for Authors by Tricia Goyer
– Want to grow your followers and increase your impact as an author? Social media can be painless when you discover its true purpose and you create systems that work for you. Handouts in class, or download your copy here. (Intermediate and advanced levels)

Ready…Set…Begin! Part 1
by Linda S. Glaz – In this 2-part class, emerging authors will discover how to look like professionals in a crazy upside-down industry. What’s a WIP? Does it matter how I format? Why? What do agents and editors expect? What makes them go crazy and reject a submission? Learn essential hints and tips; understand terminology, writing basics, and what all writers need to know! (Emerging-writer level)

Ready…Set…Begin! Part 2
by Linda S. Glaz (see description above) (Emerging-writer level)

by Bill Myers
– Learn the basic three-act structure most filmmakers insist upon, as well as character development, plot development, dialogue, comedy, and formatting. Time permitting, we'll also cover how to market your material. (All levels)

Self-Editing Your Manuscript for Success
by Ben Wolf – Sagging middle? Wordy prose? Tighten your editing belts and trim the fat from your manuscript with proven self-editing techniques taught by award-winning author and freelance editor Ben Wolf. In this class you'll learn how to identify excess, sloppy writing in your manuscript and how to cut it out on both micro- and macro-editing levels. (Advanced level)

Sleuthing for Success: How Nancy Drew Would Get Her Children’s Story Published by Sonja Anderson – Learn the pros and cons of indie publishing vs. royalty publishing for children’s works. Discover how thinking creatively, flexibly, and realistically about the best ways to reach kids can help you find the right agent/editor/publisher for your children’s story. Learn how prayer and a generous attitude toward other writers can help make connections, build relationships, and provide encouragement during not-so-successful days of writing and marketing. Included: tips on using print resources and conducting successful Internet searches for potential markets. (Emerging-writer level)
Telling It Slant: Finding Fresh New Ways to Tell the Old, Old Story by Terry Glaspey –
The secret of the very best writing lies in finding a way to make it fresh and intriguing. Too much Christian writing is boring and predictable. In this workshop we will look at practical ways to stretch yourself, find a new approach, and become more effective at reaching readers, even those outside the faith. We’ll look closely at the work of some truly great writers to see how they create such unforgettable writing, and take up the challenge to become better writers ourselves. (All levels)

The Heart and Technique of Writing Song Lyrics
by Lisa Mitts –
Discover the art of writing powerful song lyrics, especially for the genre of contemporary Christian music (CCM). In addition to the basic structure of a good song, also covered will be the importance of combining passion, emotion, and personal testimony with the foundations of God's Word and message for all His children. All class participants will have the opportunity to write their first song or improve their lyric-writing skills and share with the class. No prior musical or songwriting experience is necessary. (All levels)

Using Your Life Themes to Write Powerful Fiction
by Tricia Goyer
– Compelling novels are filled with emotion. Not melodrama, but pain and triumph mined from the deep places of your heart. Discover the deep wells, and your story will take on new life and will touch the deep places of readers’ hearts too.Handouts in class, or download your copy here. (All levels)

What It Takes to Land a Literary Agent
by Bill Jensen
Discover the three things agents and publishers are looking for in an author’s work. How do you find a big idea that’s in keeping with your calling and passion? How do you build a platform today in the overcrowded world of social media? What exactly is great writing and a distinctive voice? Learn what it takes to get the attention of an agent and ultimately a publishing contract. (Emerging-writer level)

Writing a Winning Book Proposal
by Bill Jensen
– After reviewing thousands of book proposals and participating in publishing committees for a quarter of a century, Bill knows the kind of book proposal it takes to get noticed in the incredibly competitive world of publishing. Let Bill’s knowledge and experience show you how to create a professional book proposal that will be taken seriously by publishers and will survive the dynamics of publishing committees. (Emerging-writer and intermediate levels)

Writing Devotions for Children
by Courtney Lasater – Did you know that about 70% of all Christian adults accept Jesus as Savior when they’re 14 years old or younger? Reaching kids for Christ is crucial! Learn more about what editors are looking for when they review devotion submissions. Hear pointers on what not to send editors and how to get noticed as a devotion writer for kids ages 6–12. Handouts in class, or download your copy here. (Emerging-writer and intermediate levels)

Writing Life-Changing Nonfiction
by Alice Crider
– Has your nonfiction manuscript fallen short of the mark required to land a traditional publisher? Have you published or self-published a book that didn’t reach as much of your audience as you intended? In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to reach and engage your audience by tapping into a need they don’t even know they have. We’ll look at the characteristics of best-selling books and how you can use the same techniques. Alice will provide results-based coaching that will help you leap forward in your writing career. Bring your current project and/or new ideas with you! (All levels)


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