Be A Conference Vendor 

2019 Northwest Christian Writers Renewal

May 31–June 1, 2019  -  Westminster Chapel, Bellevue, Washington

Thinking about becoming a vendor at this year’s Northwest Christian Writers Renewal conference?

Great! We’re excited to partner with you.

Choose one of the two options:

    Sponsor: $220 + conference registration fee*

    Partner:  $50 + conference registration fee*


1)      Sponsor: Full participation in the conference (a value of up to $209*), plus a display in vendor area, ad in preconference e-mail, listing on NCWA’s vendor web page, Wi-Fi service while at the conference site, a marketing insert in registration packet, a slide in the conference PowerPoint loop, and a 1- to 2-minute speaking opportunity at a general session. Sponsor level (in addition to event registration): $220.
2)      Partner: Full participation in the conference (a value of up to $209*), plus a display in vendor area, ad in preconference e-mail, listing on NCWA’s vendor web page, and Wi-Fi service while at the conference site. Partner level (in addition to registration): $50.
 (*Early-bird and member discounts may apply to the registration portion of the fee for potential savings. See the Register for 2019 Renewal page for pricing details.)

                    Selected Benefits per Level        



Display table space



Ad, with web link, in e-mail to registrants



Listing, plus logo, on our website vendor page



Wi-Fi service at conference venue



Full conference participation & meals



Marketing insert in registration packet



Slide in PPT loop



Brief speaking opportunity at a general session









These opportunities will...

  1. potentially expand your client base,
  2. provide additional services and products for conference participants, and
  3. help offset costs of the conference, enabling us to keep our costs down, which will encourage more writers to attend, thus increasing the number of people who will learn about your products/services.

Additional Information

1.   One table, about 2½’ x 6’, is included (Virtual vendors will share table space). Additional tables are $25 each.

2.   Vendors are responsible to provide their own signage and marketing materials. In addition, vendors are responsible to provide tablecloths, power strips, extension cords, or other materials, as needed.

3.   Each vendor must submit a write-up (50 words or fewer) of the service provided by the business and include a small logo (in .gif or .jpg format) and contact information. This is to be provided no later than Saturday, April 21, 2019, in order for the vendor to be included. Here’s a sample write-up: Web Wizards is your official Renewal conference web-design and hosting company. We work with beginning writers as well as best-selling authors. Our clients include Mark Twain and Jack London. Stop by to ask about our 10%-off conference special. Includes a free puppy. or

4.   Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying Washington State sales tax on the goods and/or services they sell.

5.   Vendors who are presenting conference workshops or other teaching/coaching sessions will receive the appropriate honorariums separately.

6.   Assistants or others working at a vendor booth have the option not to register for the conference. Of course, they would then not be able to participate in the workshops, plenary sessions, editor/agent appointments, etc. Meals, however, can be paid for in advance so nonparticipating vendor assistants can eat onsite.

7.   Vendors’ products and services must be consistent with the statement of faith of the Northwest Christian Writers Association. We reserve the right to determine if a vendor meets those standards.

To register as a vendor: Contact Renewal Director Charles Harris. After gathering preliminary information from you, he will direct you to the NCWA Renewal conference registration page, where you'll check the appropriate vendor level and select one of the available payment options. If you're thinking about being a vendor but still have questions, Charles will be happy to answer them.



Thank you for helping us make this a fragrance-free event out of respect for those who have chemical sensitivities.

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