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Northwest Christian Writers Renewal with Bill Myers

May 56, 2017  -  Westminster Chapel, Bellevue, Washington

Thanks to those who applied for a scholarship. Congratulations to winners Valerie Hernandez & Rebecca Waterston!

The board of NCWA (Northwest Christian Writers Association) is seeking applicants for two scholarships that will pay for full registration to the conference this year, including meals.

Here’s how to apply. In the text of an e-mail, or in an attachment created in or compatible with MS Word, include the following info:

1) Your name

2) Your mailing address
3) Your e-mail address
4) An essay of 250 or fewer words telling us about yourself, including:

  • Have you ever been published, or are you an emerging writer?
  • What motivates you to write? For instance, do you love the process of working with words? Or do you have a burning message to share with others, and writing is one of the ways you’re getting the message out? Or do you feel called of God to be a writer? Perhaps all of the above? Describe your passion concerning the craft of writing.
  • What would receiving a scholarship to the 2017 Northwest Christian Writers Renewal mean to you?

5) Send the above information on or before April 8, 2017, to NCWA's program coordinator (who is also overseeing our scholarships this year). If your e-mail program won't open the link, you can send your application to program(at)nwchristianwriters(dot)org.

Scholarship selection is based upon the applicants’ ability to follow the above directions, the essay’s content, and, lastly, need.  All applicants will be notified of the results via e-mail. If the winner has already paid for registration, those fees will be refunded.

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