Resources to Help with Your Writing Journey

The Christian Writer's Coach

To help you benefit from the investment you make in attending writers conferences—including our own Northwest Christian Writers Renewal—we have developed an excellent resource for you: The Christian Writer’s Coach: How to Get the Most Out of a Writers Conference. When you follow this link to Amazon and purchase the book, a small commission helps support our nonprofit organization.

Critique Groups

NCWA has a number of active critique groups around the Puget Sound. Some meet before the monthly NCWA meeting, and others meet at different times and locations. You must be a member of NCWA to participate. For more information, e-mail:

Are you a writer looking for someone to help you make sure that fuzzy logic, grammatical errors, factual inaccuracies, and those pesky commas and apostrophes don’t get in the way of effectively communicating your message? We can help. Our members are highly skilled in a wide variety of genres and types of editing. On our Editors Connection page you will find contact information and links to details about experience, endorsements, and rates.

Speakers Connection
Are you looking for faith-based speakers on a wide variety of topics? We can help. Our speakers are talented, passionate followers of Jesus who love to talk! They range from experienced professionals to gifted amateurs. Most are published authors of books or articles. Fees for speaking engagements vary. On our Speakers Connection page you'll find more details, such as rates, references, and topics, on their individual websites. We encourage you to visit them.

Facebook Group 

NCWAs Facebook group serves as a place for members of Northwest Christian Writers Association to share information and encourage each other. Participants ask writing-related questions, start discussions, and share inspirational posts. While celebration is welcome, self-promotion or advertising isn’t allowed. Joining the group requires approval by the administrator. To find the group and request membership, search Facebook for “Northwest Christian Writers Association” and select the “closed group” option.

NCWA Blog 

Check out NCWAs posts about writing, our annual conference, and more.

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