Overview of Board and Coordinator Roles



President. Oversees the affairs of the organization and leads monthly association meetings and board meetings. Interacts with board members in a supportive role, enabling them to do their jobs effectively. The president makes long-range plans and gives an annual report to the board and members in June.


Vice President. Attends board and monthly association meetings and substitutes for the president when necessary. Assists the president and other board members in a supportive role. Manages meeting surveys and distributes results. Facilitates Celebrations & Re-directions and member book launches at monthly meetings.


Secretary. Records minutes of board meetings and sends copies to board members. He/She records minutes of monthly association meetings, which he/she then sends to the president, vice president, and program coordinator. He/She also sends thank-you letters to speakers. Maintains records according to board policy.


Treasurer. Documents the income and expenses of the organization. Assists the membership coordinator at monthly association meetings to receive dues and visitor fees and gives receipts.. He/She pays other approved expenses and presents an annual budget to the board. As the registered agent, the treasurer serves as the association’s contact person for business purposes with the state and the Internal Revenue Service.



Blog. Coordinates and edits content for the NCWA blog with a goal of twice weekly updates. Posts connections to new postings via the website forum. Works with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media coordinators to ensure that new postings are publicized.

Critique-group. Oversees critique groups by collecting information on and verifying NCWA membership of those interested in participating in groups, current groups and openings, and critique-group mentors. He/She may help start groups or find mentors to work with groups. He/She will provide critique-group guidelines to groups and assist in arranging meeting locations.

Hospitality. Coordinates refreshments at meetings and some special events. Recruits people to assist with providing refreshments.

Membership. Uses membership software to ensure membership records are up to date and renewal notices are sent out. Before each meeting they update the name badges by producing badges for new members and remove expired members badges. The coordinator greets guests and members at each meeting to make them feel welcome. They explain membership options to guests and work with the treasurer to process applications.

Program. Obtains ideas from the board for upcoming meetings, plans programs, and contacts potential speakers. Selects and screens speakers and works with them to provide information about the time allotted, the honorarium, and the selling of books. Plans fall special event to supplement the normal meetings and the annual conference.

Publicity. Coordinates publicity efforts via social media, local newspapers, Christian radio stations, and the NCWA blog.

Renewal Conference. Manages the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal Conference held each May. Assigns staff to recruit and select faculty and manage the conference. Works with board members and coordinators to promote conference and ensure it is a quality event.

Speakers Connection. Helps promote the NCWA Speakers Connection to our local community. Recruits and screens members to be listed in the Speakers Connection and updates our website listings. Serves as an advocate for this service to our membership and the Northwest faith community.

Web Coordinator. Updates and maintains NCWA website and forums. Works with other members and coordinators who provide and update content such as meeting information. Works with website provider technical support to resolve issues. Keeps site appearance and operation up to date and professional.

Tech Coordinator. Gathers material for creating PowerPoint slides. Sets up AV equipment at monthly meetings. Runs PowerPoint slide show at meetings. Instructs other coordinators on technical issues.

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