The Christian Writers Coach: Get the Most Out of a Conference

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I. Five Successful People in the Writing Industry

James L. Rubart: Deciding You Are a Writer

James L. Rubart

A Dream that Came Alive

Jim blogs at 3 Men Walk into a Blog.

Jim’s recommendations on making ads memorable

James L. Rubart Books: Rooms, Book of Days, The Chair and Soul's Gate

Robert Boyd Munger’s booklet: My Heart, Christ’s Home

Jim Rubart on Tips for Writers at Conferences

To see James in his natural writing habitat, read Tricia Goyer’s blog post, “My Writing Desk/James Rubart.”

Director of Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference and published novelist, Alton Gansky, interviews James on Writer’s Talk.

Jeff Gerke blogs at Where the Map Ends: The Home of Christian Speculative Fiction. Jeff writes under the name Jefferson Scott. You can also learn more about this genre at Marcher Lord Press.

Family Fiction is a source to find a list of Christian Speculative Fiction Authors.

Tamara Lynn Kraft, on her blog Word Sharpeners, wrote a post on “Speculative Genre,” including a list of sub-categories for the genre.

Author James Rubart Shares his Journey to Publication” by Lynda Schab on the Christian Writing Examiner


Marty Nystrom: Author and Songwriter

Marty’s worship song:  As the Deer

Marty’s books: Don't Mess with Moses!: Peculiar Poems and Rib-Tickling Rhymes and Zack, You’re Acting Zany!: Playful Poems and Riveting Rhymes, illustrator Steve Bjorkman

The Christian Writer's Market Guide

During his poetry workshop at the 2010 Northwest Christian Writers Renewal, Marty Nystrom recommended two websites for poetry writing, Rhyme Zone and OneLook Dictionary Search.

On the Christian Copyright Licensing International site, Marty teaches the “10 Traits the Top CCLI Songs have in Common.

Modern hymn writers, Keith and Kristyn Getty, were interviewed by Stan Guthrie in a post called “Singable Doctrine” for Christianity Today.

Fernando Ortega’s workshop from the National Worship Leader Conference  was reviewed in the article, Songwriting Tips from Fernando Ortega on the blog, Worship Matters: Resources for Music, Worship, & More from Bob Kauflin.

Marcus Yoars: Through the Eyes of an Editor

Marcus Yoars editor for Charisma magazine

For spiritual encouragement, Marcus offers “Twenty-six Words That Can Change Your Life” on LifeWay.

Writers Conference Guidelines printed a post, “Meeting with Faculty: Be Prepared and Professional.”

The Scoop on the Dreaded Fifteen Minute Appointment” by Edie Melsom creator of the blog, The Write Conversation

Nick Harrison, Senior Editor at Harvest House Publishers blogged about “Writing Mistakes.”


Robin Jones Gunn: Surprised by God’s Plans

Robin Jones Gunn

College missions conference, Urbana

Book series by Robin Jones Gunn: Christy Miller, Sierra Jensen, Katie Weldon, and Sisterchicks  and Robin’s nonfiction works

LittWorld Conference

Read why Jeffrey Zaslow, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, interviewed Robin Jones Gunn in “An Unusual Request for an Interview” posted on her blog.

"How to Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson, self-proclaimed Mad Professor of Fiction Writing, teaching online at Advanced Fiction Writing

Truth in Fiction by Kaye Dacus on her site, Kay Dacus: Humor, Hope, and Happily Ever Afters

Breathing Life into Your Fiction Writing by Author Janalyn Voigt” on Gina Holmes’s website Novel Rocket: Getting Your Book off the Ground

Ellie Whyte’s website, Soul Inspirationz for Quality Christian Fiction posted “Featured Author Interview with Tracie Peterson.”

Celebrate National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, by writing a 50,000 word novel from November 1 through November 30.

102 Resources for Fiction Writing” listed on the blog, Here to Create

On The Moral Premise Blog: Story Structure Craft  Stanley D. Williams published, “How is the Moral Premise Evident in Every Scene?” His visual, The Story Diamond Key is on his website, The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue and Vice for Box Office Success.


Les Stobbe: a Literary Agent’s Perspective on Conferences

Christian Writers’ Guild

Les Stobbe on Insights from ACFW

On his website for the Lesley H. Stobbe Literary Agency, Les Stobbe clearly defines “The Role of a Literary Agent.”

American Christian Fiction Writer (ACFW) writer Rachel Wilder blogged on Les Stobbe’s ACFW conference workshop Fiction Writing: Passion, Calling, Ministry, or Business?, giving his insight on fiction writing.

Literary Agent Les Stobbe Discusses Ways Authors Can Increase Book Sales” featured on The Barn Door

Rachelle Gardner, of Books & Such Literary Agency, blogged “How Do You Find a Literary Agent?”

Michael Hyatt wrote “Before You Hire a Literary Agent” and “Literary Agents Who Represent Christian Authors.”

Jeff Gerke advises on “Understanding Agents” in his blog, Where the Map Ends.

“Juggling Agent Interest” by Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Agency

Fiction Writer’s Connection on “Firing Your Agent

Les discusses ways to increase book sales on The Barn Door Book Loft.


II. Before a Writers Conference

Seven Tips to Get the Most from Writers Conferences

Edie Melson from The Write Conversation, gives readers the "Top 10 Reasons to Attend a Writers Conference.”

Sandra Bishop from the MacGregor Literary Agency wrote about “Pat the Conferee” for the Northwest Christian Writers’ Association blog.

Jan Cline, founder and director of the Inland Northwest Christian Writers Conference, offers “Three Survival Tips for Conference Goers.”

The question, “Are Writers Conferences a Worthwhile Investment?” was answered by Chip MacGregor of MacGregor Literary Agency.

W. Terry Whalin, on his site, tells “Why a Writers Conference Is Important.”

Writers' Conference Advice” by Ginnie  Wiehardt on Fiction Writing

To find writers’ events in your area, Shaw Guides lists a Guide to Writers Conferences & Writing Workshops.

James Scott Bell, as a guest blogger for the Steve Laube Agency, commands “Get Thee to a Writers Conference.”


Conquering Conference Jitters

How God Can Use Your Anxiety for Good” by Laura Ortberg Turner on the blog Her.menuetics: Christian Women. Cultural Comment. by Christianity Today

Julia Bettencourt posted her devotional “Keep Calm” on her site, Creative Ladies Ministry.

Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference offers testimonies of writers who have been blessed by their conference experience.


Be Prepared: How to Make a Conference Binder

What to Wear at a Writers Conference” by Edie Melson from The Write Conversation

Karen Evans advises “What to Bring to a Writers’ Conference” at Extras for Authors.

Writermorphosis: The Process of Becoming, and Remaining, a Writer posted the “Writers Conference Tool Kit: What to Bring.

Creating an Author Press Kit” by Debbie Ridpath Ohi on Writing World


Create a Compelling Book Proposal

Example book proposal at www.lynnettebonner/

Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin on The Work of W. Terry Whalin: Dedicated to the Craft of Writing

Jeff Herman and Deborah Levine Herman, Write the Perfect Book Proposal: 10 That Sold and Why (Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2001)

Michael Hyatt wrote “Write a Book Proposal That Leaves Publishers Begging to Publish You.”

Writers Conference Guidelines: Helping Writers Master the Submission Process lists helpful articles under the topic, “Book Proposals” including “A Book Proposal to Grab an Editor” by Susan Osborn.

How to Write a Book Proposal” by Rachelle Gardner, agent for Books & Such Literary Agency

Terry Burns, agent for Hartline Literary Agency, blogged, “Can I Sell on Proposal?”

Nonfiction Book Proposal Cheat Sheet” posted by Lilly Ghahremani & Stefanie Von Borstel of  Full Circle Literary


What Goes on a One Sheet?

Erica Vetsch’s one sheet examples: front and back

Sample One Sheet” of author Beth K. Vogt  posted on the Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference website

Suzanne Hartman posted “Creating a One-Sheet” on her blog, Write This Way.

Christian Writing 101: How to Create a One-sheet for Writers or Speakers” by Tracy Ruckman on Christian Writing Examiner

Romance Writers on the Journey  featured “What’s a One Sheet?” by author and blog host Keli Gwyn.


Ready, Set, Go to a Writers Conference

Three Necessities for a Writers Conference” by Kaye Dacus on her site Kay Dacus: Humor, Hope, and Happily Ever Afters

Janet Kobobel Grant, President and Founder of Books & Such Literary Agency, published “Choosing an Agent.”

How Not to Get an Agent!” written by Linda Glaz of Hartline Literary Agency

Katharine Russell, eHow Contributor, wrote “How to Prepare for a Writers Conference.” For more information see “Literary & Publishing Careers.”

Four Keys for Writers Conference Success” by Marita Littauer on Right Writing

For the Conference First-timer” by Christina Berry Tarabochia, award-winning author, member of Oregon Christian Writers and speaker for the OCW Summer Conference


III. During a Writers Conference

Make the Most of Your Editor/Agent Appointment

What to Expect from Your Editor and Working with the Editor by Meg Schneider and Barbara Doyen on netplaces

Publishing Advice from Jeanette Perez of  HarperCollins PublishersGinny Wiehardt on Fiction Writing

The Editor’s Blog posted “Duties of an Editor & How Editors Help Writers” by fiction editor Beth Hill.

How to Pitch Agents at a Writers Conference” on Writers Digest: Write Better Get Published by Chuck Sambuchino

Sue Fagalde Lick wrote “The Perfect Pitch: Pitching to Agents at a Writing Conference on Writing World.


Be Selfish. Volunteer.

Recruiting Volunteers for Christian Ministries” on Ministry Tools Resource Center

Read Help Others, a portal dedicated to small acts of kindness.

The website Helping Quotes is filled with words to inspire.

Bible Verses About Serving: 20 Helpful Scriptures Quotes” published by Pamela Rose Williams on What Christians Want to Know: Topics to Equip, Encourage and Energize


Conference Networking

The Surrendered Writing Career” by Nick Harrison, Senior Editor at Harvest House Publishers

W. Terry Whalin on his blog, The Writing Life, instructed to “Keep Building Publishing Relationships.”  

24 Networking Tips that Actually Work” from Passive Panda


Winding up Your Pitch: Prepare to Pitch to Agents and Editors at a Writers Conference

Writers Conference Guidelines: Helping Writers Master the Submission Process posted “Getting Your Pitch Right

The Steve Laube Agency blogged “The Wild Pitch” by Steve Laube and “Do You Have the Perfect Pitch?” by Karen Ball.

Pitching Your Book Proposal” by Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, director of Taylor University’s Professional Writing program


Pitching with Perfection

Brandilyn Collins, in the archives of her blog, Forensics and Faith, covered “Creating a Pitch for Your Book” and “Feedback on Pitches.”

Secrets of a Great Pitch” published by Rachelle Gardener of Books & Such Literary Agency.  She also includes a list of Writing/Publishing Websites for further study.

Laura Helmuth advises “How Not to Pitch” on the Science Writers’ website, The Open Notebook.


IV. After a Writers Conference

Use Your Prayer Power Tool!

Club House Magazine published “25 Days of Prayer” by Lydia Harris.

Prayer Coach featured a post called “Prayer Quotes: A.W. Tozer.”

Focus on the Family posted “Prayer Has Its Reasons” by Robert Velarde, author of Conversations with C.S. Lewis (InterVarsity Press), The Heart of Narnia (NavPress), and Inside the Screwtape Letters (Baker Books).

Sandy Tritt, Inspiration for Writers, Inc., wrote “The Writing Life: A Writer’s Prayer.”

Plug in Your Power Tool – Prayer!” by Lydia Harris on the blog, Author Culture

A Writer’s Prayer” was posted by Mary DeMuth, along with free articles on writing, parenting, healing, and social media.

CASA Network published “Grandparenting: Giving a Gift that Outlasts Others” by Lydia Harris.


Presenting Yourself Online the Write Way

TriLink Social Media Mentoring

Registering and hosting domain names:, Hostgator or BlueHost

Website hosting: Michael Hyatt’s twenty minute tutorial for starting your WordPress blog and website

MailChimp for maintaining mail lists

WordPress plugins and widgets to search for hashtags


Social media sites: LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon

Google Analytics

Platform Ain’t Just for Shoes” by Ane Mulligan of American Christian Fiction Writers

Jordyn Redwood posted “Should a Christian Market Themselves?" on American Christian Fiction Writers. 

12 Social Media Essentials For Writers” by Don Lafferty’s Practical Social Media Strategies and Tactics for Connecting with Your Public.

Marketing Christian Books: A Personal Guide this Unique Market blogged “Social Media: Just Do It.”

How Christian Authors Can Use Twitter” by Cheri Burbach posted on Rose Allen McCauley, Author: Stories from Small Towns with Huge Hearts.

T. Suzanne Eller, a mentor for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild course, Building Your Social Media Platform, launched a blog series “Social Media: Does It Work?” Read through her archives for more information.

Are you Pinterest Savvy? 1 Million Followers in a Year” by Melissa K. Norris featured on Wordserve Water Cooler 

Social Media and Writers Conferences” by author Nicole Miller, Social-Media Coordinator OCW Summer Conference. Also see “How Can I Possibly Keep up with Social Media Trends?”


The Secret to Getting Published: Why You Need a Critique Group

On Becoming a Novelist by John Gardner

“Critique Groups: Support for Your Success” published by Henry McLaughlin of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild

W. Terry Whalin encourages Join A Critique Group to Get Your Writing Moving

Some Important Steps in Getting Published” blogged by Joyce Hart, President of Hartline Literary Agency


Writers Critique Group Guidelines

Critique Group Guidelines” published online by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group

Audrey Owen, editor at Writer’s Helper, posted “Writing Group Rules.”

Starting Your Own Critique Group” by Margot Finke


Taking Your Next Steps

Nick Harrison, Senior Editor at Harvest House Publishers, published “It’s a Lot of Little Steps.”

A Model of the Creative Process” was posted by Dubberly Design Office.

Andy Scheer of Hartline Literary Agency blogged “After the Conference.”

How to Be Organized” on WikiHow to Do Anything

Davalynn Spencer guest blogged “Bunny Trails or How to Stay on Track” on Word Sharpeners

Don’t Let Your Ideas Rot, Germinate Them” on the Sebastian Marshall website

After the Conference:  Putting it All Together” posted by Lindy Jacobs, Director of the Oregon Christian Writers (OCW) Summer Conference on her website Lindy Jacobs: Writer at the Well


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