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Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Children's Publishing Gatekeepers
Sonja Anderson - Author 

Join Nancy Drew and children's book author, Sonja Anderson, to learn how to sleuth our way into the challenging and rewarding world of children's publishing. In this workshop, you will learn how to begin, like Nancy, from a place of strength and confidence. Together, we will look for secret passageways, turn detours into opportunities, leave no stone unturned, keep a case file, and much more! Locked doors were no obstacle to the risen Jesus (John 20:19-22) and all the gatekeepers in the world can't keep our stories from finding their proper homes, when we trust in the Word of Life.

Sally Apokedak - Sally Apokedak Literary Agency

Voice draws readers in and theme makes them come back for more. theme brings the story full circle, making us feel satisfied with the payoff. Come learn how to put in theme in a way that makes the reader feel rewarded with a conclusion that was earned rather than being preached at by an author with an agenda.

Your Editor and You
Jessica Barnes - Bethany House

Geared toward those new to writing and publishing. This workshop helps you learn what to expect from the editing process by explaining what editors actually do, describing the various editing and production stages your book will go through, and providing tips for how to get the most out of your author/editor relationship.

Writing Romance
Karin Beery - Guiding Light Women's Fiction 

For some reason, romance novels have developed a reputation as "the easy" genre to write, but nothing could be further from the truth! In all other genres, anything is possible, but when it comes to romance ther's a certain formula that must be followed. How can you follow that formula and still create a unique, captivating story? That's what makes romance writing so challenging! A good romance needs more than just a boy, a girl, and a kiss.  By looking at story structure, characterization, endings, and more, You'll gain the tools you need to write swoon worthy romance novels that can help you tap into a billion dollar industry.

Connecting with Characters
Karin Beery - Guiding Light Women's Fiction 

Readers won't read about characters they don't care about. Regardless of whether you write plot-driven or character-driven fiction, all of your characters need to be multi-dimensional, realistic, and relatable. Learn how to create protagonists and antagonists our audiences will love.

Writing the Killer Nonfiction Book First Chapter
Dr. Joseph Bentz - Author 

The first chapter can make or break a nonfiction book. For readers, that chapter invites them in, introduces them to the author's voice, and lets them know where the journey of this book will take them. For writers, the first chapter can establish the book's purpose, tone, and approach. this workshop offers specific guidance on how authors can construct a first chapter that will win readers over and propel them into the rest of the book.

Developing a Writer Voice
Dr. Joseph Bentz - Author 

What characteristic makes a reader want to come back to an author's works again and again? It is more than just the writer's knowledge or subject matter.  A writer's "voice" is that quality that makes his or her work instantly recognizable and that gives the writing life, personality, and authority. a distinctive voice prevents a piece of writing from being nothing more than lifeless words strung together on a page. Voice is not merely an ineffable quality that a writer either has or doesn't have. A distinctive vice can be developed by focusing on certain skills and techniques. This session will show writers how to develop a voice that will set them apart from the rest of the crowd in the competitive world of writing.

What is a Platform and How Do I Build It?
Keely Boeving - Word Serve Literary

Platform. You've heard you need one to get your book published, but where do you start: Keely Boeving runs down the basics of what makes up an author's platform and the steps you can start taking today to grow yours to a level that will get publishers attention.

Angela Breidenbach - Author 

How to use podcasting to build your platform is a specific workshop helping attendees gain the step-by-step instruction to start podcasting at a reasonable cost, with confidence, and a simple task list.

Powerful Prose: Passive to Active
Angela Breidenbach - Author 

Ridding your manuscript of wordiness, passive writing, and editing power into your work.

Indie Book Publishing
Angela Breidenbach - Author 

How NOT to be labeled unprofessional to retailers and librarians - Learn the important aspects of indie publishing from design to business choices. Go wide or exclusive? Formats that include paper, hardback, large print, ebook (PDF, epub, mobi), audio (actor? or you?). See your blood, sweat, and tears as more than a book - its a business and you choose failure or success.

Publishing with Harper Collins
Kimberly Carlton - Harper Collins 

Kimberly Carlton will be talking about what its like to publish with the Fiction division of Harper Collins Christian Publishing, discussing the process from beginning (agents and proposals) to end (editorial, publication, and marketing).

POWER-FILLED WORDS - Writing Devotions with a Charge
Susie Crosby - Author 

Devotions don't mess around. In just a few words, they can powerfully and meaningfully connect readers right to the heart of God. In this workshop, Susie Crosby, will share with writers interested in crafting strong devotions how to make each word matter and how to make the message stick.

The WHO, the HOW, and the WHY of writing DEVOTIONS
Susie Crosby - Author 

Devotions (and their writers) each have their own personalities. Do you want to discover and develop your own unique devotional writing style? In this workshop, Susie Crosby, will provide a sampling of devotional formats - both classic and current. She will help you to identify the WHO (your readers), the HOW (your structure), and the WHY (your purpose) of the devotional writing style that God has given specifically to you.

What Agents Do for Authors & Publishers,
A Tag Team with Vicki Crumpton & Bob Hostetler

Vicki Crumpton - Revel
Bob Hostetler - Steve Laube Agency

Vicki Crumpton and Bob Hostetler, a veteran acquisitions editor and agent, discuss the book publishing industry. Learn who does what and how the publishing process works.

Marketing: How to Build a Wildly Engaged Readership with Joy & Less Stress
Mary DeMuth - Keynote Speaker 

Through boots-on-the-ground insight, true-to-life examples, and best practices, Mary DeMuth will help you understand why email is so important to an author. You'll learn the important mindset shift necessary to build your email list with hoy and intention, and you'll discover the nuts and bolts of list building and how it can help you sell books.

Imagining Your Book: A Book Proposal Workshop
Pete Ford - Credo Communications

As authors, we can use words to create an idea. Going through the process of crafting a book proposal is important, both for the end product and the refining experience. Together we'll think through what content to include in your book proposal and how to design it in a way to guide your reader.

The Hub: Basic Author Website Design
Pete Ford - Credo Communications

A lot goes into cultivating an author platform online, and it can get out of hand. Your author website is the home base that editors and potential readers will come to for authoritative information and to keep in touch with your work. Part strategy, part web design, we'll discuss how to see your website from the visitor's point of view.

Weaving Worlds: Crafting Speculative Universes
Lindsay Franklin - Author 

Fantasy novelist Lindsay Franklin unravels the secrets of crafting spectacular speculative fiction. We'll examine the nuts and bolts of world building and explore how to create unique, three-dimensional universes from the ground up - and more importantly, why it matters. We can't promise we won't fall down the rabbit hole or stay on this side of the wardrobe.

Tame the Tomato: Time Management for Writers
Lindsay Franklin- Author 

All writers have unlimited time, no procrastination problems, and stellar organizational abilities...right? Ahem. the truth is most of us are squeezing writing time around busy work and family schedules, and when we do finally sit down to write, we end up wasting time on Facebook instead (oh, the humanity). Join Lindsay as she shares the time management secrets that have enabled her to juggle two multi-book contracts, ghostwriting jobs, and editing business, and a trio of hungry homeschoolers. You will leave equipped with tools and techniques to help you maximize your writing time and produce more than you thought possible.

Hooks That Won't Let Go
Bob Hostetler - Steve Laube agency 

Twenty ways to write a hook to your article, story, query, or book that will compel interest.

Behind the Curtain: Publishing Financials  101
Linda Howard - Tyndale 

Have you ever wondered how much of a book’s revenue goes to the author, the publisher, the agent? How do advances work and when do you start getting royalty payments? Does the publisher really earn all of the money from the sales of a book? Join us as we follow the money trail from contract to a reader’s hands. You will come away with a much better understanding of how the system works and what to expect when you sign your next contract!

Do's and Don'ts of Writng for Children
Rachel Pfeiffer - FF Clubhouse Magazine 

Kids are taught to follow rules, and to write for them, you should follow some rules. too. These key tips for writing engaging, creative stories for children will help you catch an editor's eye. You'll learn about audience insights, industry trends, the use of humor, and more.

4 P's to Landing a Literary Agent
Barb Roose - Book & Such

A literary agent is an author's best friend in his or her publishing career. This workshop covers four elements that set you apart from other hopeful clients as well as set  you up to land the right agent, who will be excited to partner with you in your publishing journey.

Putting Words in Their Mouths
Tim Shoemaker - Author 

Talk may be cheap, but poor dialogue in your manuscript will cost you. We'll learn how to dump the dull stuff and sharpen your dialogue skills. We'll look at eleven problems often seen in dialogue and how to fix them. We'll look at some ways to strengthen your dialogue that you may not have considered before.

Creating a Scene
Tim Shoemaker - Author 

Discover techniques to strengthen your story - one scene at a time. How do you know which scenes to include in your story . . . and exactly where to start and when to end a scene? We'll also look at three elements every scene needs, and three elements for smooth transitions between scenes.

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