First Time to the Conference? Check out these tips and workshops.

Register early. Give yourself plenty of time to find where everything is. (A map of the building will be available at the registration table.

Go over the packet. It will have a complete schedule of events, room numbers, plus other important information

Attend the Orientation at 9:30. This session will be given by Dennis Brooke and Jim Rubart, two seasoned pros and conference attenders who can answer your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Editor/agent appointments: Don’t worry if you’re not ready for an editor and agent appointment. This is okay. They are for writers who have material ready to submit. However, if you’ve got a book proposal or an article written, then study each editor and agent and their houses. Go to their Websites and see what they are looking for. See if what you’ve written matches. If so, then make an appointment. Even if you’re scared, the editor will understand. We have all been in that place in our careers.

Critiques: Maybe you’d like to have someone read something you’ve written and give you feedback. We will have three or four seasoned authors available for this purpose. Come early because these slots fill up fast.

Ask the Experts: check each of these sessions out. The titles of these sessions will be posted at the conference.

Suggested workshops: Friday, “Start Your Writing Journey” with Diana Savage. Saturday, Angela Breidenbach’s workshops on “Strategy for a Successful Writing Career,” Parts I and II, and the Panel of Experts. The rest is up to you.

Ask lots of questions. The more you put into the conference, the more you’ll get out of it. 


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